Stadium Facilities


Laid and maintained by the highly-respected XXX, the playing surface and training pitch will use innovative technologies to maintain high standards.


The new stadium will boast state-of-the-art flood lighting that can cater for coverage of all games for live TV broadcasting.

Seated Stand

The fully seated, fully covered stand at the new stadium can cater for its 4,080 spectators with a wide variety of facilities and services.


With 30 turnstile entrances into the stadium, access and egress to and from the new stadium ought to provide a comfortable and relaxing experience for all.

Other Facilities

Given the size of the new stadium, and the needs of those attending, additional facilities will be available including (but not limited to) parking.

Standing Terraces

If you prefer to sample the atmosphere at games and/or concerts on your feet, both covered and uncovered terracing for the 8,470 spectators.

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Sean McClean

Louth GAA Chairperson
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Aidan Berrill

Louth GAA Treasurer
087 2437433

Francie McMullen

Louth GAA Operations Manager
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Bob Doheny

Louth GAA Secretary
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Damien McCann

Louth GAA Assistant Treasurer
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Thomas Clare

Stadium Fundraising
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Ronan Lynch

Stadium Fundraising
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Simon Fagan

Stadium Fundraising
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Barry Cullen

Stadium Fundraising
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Three-Year Seating Plan Terms & Conditions

Stadium Development


How much is a seat?
- Seats are priced at €1000 for a three-year term.

How will seats be sold?
- Seats will be sold on a first come, first served basis, through our Seat Selling Team and online. Seats will be sold from the centre of the stand outwards and liaised through the Stadium Fundraising Administrator who will issue the designated seat(s).

How can I pay?
- You can pay in cash, cheque or EFT (electronic funds transfer). You can pay all upfront or in installments. Louth GAA have an agreement with all local Credit Unions for a low-rate fee for the seating plan.

What do I get?
- Ticket holders gain admission to all home Louth GAA Allianz Football and
Hurling league fixtures for the three-year period.
- Admission to all Louth GAA club adult championship finals (Senior, Intermediate and Junior), including replays, for the three-year period.
- Invitation to special opening ceremony and opening fixture.
- Limited edition stadium merchandise (open to first 1500).
- Entry into stadium members draw for All-Ireland Football and Hurling final tickets for the three-year period.
- Louth GAA membership card (permits stadium access).
- Name inscribed on Louth GAA special recognition wall (open to first 1500).
- First refusal on potential concert tickets during the first three years.

Do I own the seat if I put my name on one?
- Yes, each seat sold will have a contractual owner.

When I purchase a match ticket, where can I sit?
- Each seat sold is designated to a particular section. You are free to sit in any seat within that particular section.

Will I have my name on a seat?
- No. Your seat is contained within a particular section. Those who purchase a seat(s) will have their name(s) displayed at the stadium.

Can I purchase multiple seats?
- Yes. Multiple seats can be purchased together.

How do I keep my seat once the package I purchase is expired?
- Prior to the expiration date, you will be contacted with regard to renewing your subscription. Seat owners will have first refusal.

How will you contact me about renewing my subscription?
- Via email, and if needs be, phone call.

How do I receive the Official Certificate for my name on a seat?
- The Stadium Fundraising Administrator will be the point of contact for your Official Certificate and (signed) contractual agreement.

What happens with the money raised?
- All monies raised go towards the development of Stáid Lú.

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